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Types of Bamboo

Bamboo is becoming more and more popular for landscapes.  As homeowners see their others successfully growing bamboo, more landscapers are being asked to supply tropical clumping bamboo for tropical landscapes and privacy barriers.

When selecting tropical clumping bamboo for a landscape, it's important to consider not only the planting zone for a species but also to identify the physical parameters (buildings, powerlines, etc.) to choose the best variety for your project.

Many varieties will share overlapping characteristics so it's beneficial to know whether the goal is to introduce a tropical vibe to your landscape or if you desire almost instant privacy between you and your neighbor's yard.

Tropical bamboo will have tropic temperature restrictions while cold hardy varieties will survive in most sub-tropic zones.  Focal point bamboo is well suited as a stand alone statement while privacy bamboo can line your property with a wall of greenery in no time.

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