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Privacy Screening With Bamboo

Certain species of bamboo lend themselves well to creating a privacy barrier along property lines as a hedge or wall of bamboo.  Bamboo can be utilized along property lines, near existing fencing and around unsightly mechanical equipment that requires minimal maintenance and dense, almost immediate coverage. Our team will help you choose which bamboo is right for your customers' specific need.

  • Bamboo can safely be cut immediately above the ring on a cane to achieve the privacy height you are seeking.

  • To create a uniform hedge for bamboo, make sure each clump receives irrigation via it’s own emitter so each clump gets the same amount, at the same, time to assure even growth for a bamboo hedge.

  • We recommend all bamboo have regular feeding of a high nitrogen lawn fertilizer on each clump of canes.

  • In situations of space limitations, barriers can be installed to contain or ‘re-train’ bamboo to grow within the desired area.

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