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Choosing The Right Bamboo

When landscaping with bamboo plants, you will need to consider which type will best meet your needs. Bamboo plants have different uses.  You may want to create a bamboo garden, compliment existing landscaping, create a privacy hedge for a community or a neighboring property. New Shoots Bamboo is happy to consult with Landscape companies, Architects, Nurseries and Garden Centers to recommend a type of bamboo that will be perfect for your customers' needs.

Tropical bamboo is completely suitable for hot, tropical climates and New Shoots Bamboo Nursery carries several tropical species that can tolerate freezing temperatures for short periods of time.

Cold Hardy bamboo are suitable for southern climates that experience cooler winter temperatures than the tropic zones. These bamboo do well in tropical climates and cooler temperatures of northern Florida and the coastal areas of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina as well as Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.

Focal Point bamboo, because of their eye-catching and highly colored appearance, focal point bamboo is a great choice for a striking addition to any garden landscape.

Privacy bamboo is available in several species and can grow very thick with an impenetrable wall of bamboo canes or spaced canes with a dense canopy.  Bamboo trimmed to a specific height as a hedge will encourage lateral growth long before the clumps of canes merge together as a living fence.  This type of bamboo is perfect for use as sound barriers, wind/dust breaks, privacy walls and hedges.

Giant bamboo refers to several varieties that reach heights over 50 to 100 feet tall and are well suited for timber, construction and blocking very tall buildings.

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