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Malay Variegated Dwarf

"Bambusa glaucophylla"


Malay Variegated Dwarf bamboo grows to 12 feet with .75 inch culms and is cold hardy to 25 degrees.  The Malay Variegated is a perfect, small bamboo for hedges and its small, green and white variegated leaves make it very desirable in any small garden or accent to a larger display. This variety can be easily trimmed to almost any desired height or shape as a hedge or topiary.



  • 3 Gallon, 2-4 feet with 3+ canes

  • 15 Gallon, 4-5 feet with 8+ canes 

  • 25 Gallon, 5 - 6 feet with 20+ canes

Other sizes available for purchase at the nursery. Please call for more information.

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