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"Bambusa Textilis Gracilis"


Graceful Bamboo grows to 25 feet tall with 1.25 inch culms (canes) and is cold hardy to 15 degrees. The Graceful bamboo is becoming the most popular bamboo for landscapers and rightfully so. Graceful can be planted in any garden because of its comparatively small stature, versatility, temperature range and ease of maintenance. Left to grow to its mature height, Graceful, with its long branches and beautiful leaf will 'fountain' out at the top.  Trimmed as a hedge, the Graceful bamboo leaves overlap each other creating an elegant privacy barrier worthy of a Palm Beach mansion.  It is truly a graceful bamboo with no equal.



  • 3 Gallon, 4-5 feet with 1-3 canes

  • 15 Gallon, 10-12 feet with 8-10+ canes 

  • 25 Gallon, 12-15 feet with 10-14+ canes 

  • 45 Gallon, 16+ feet with 15+ canes 

Other sizes available for purchase at the nursery. Please call for more information.

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