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Alphonse Karr

Bambusa multiplex

alphonse karr.jpg

Alphonse Karr bamboo grows to 20 feet with 1 inch culms (canes) and is cold hardy to 15 degrees. Alphonse Karr bamboo is the most colorful of all the multiplex cultivars in existence and likes to show off its bright yellow culms with irregular dark green stripes. The Alphonse Karr bamboo makes an almost indestructible hedge with its densely compacted culms which makes it a favorite among landscapers.



  • 3 Gallon, 3-4 feet with 2-6 canes

  • 7 Gallon, 4-5 feet with 10+ canes 

  • 15 Gallon 5-6 feet with 15+ canes 

  • 25 Gallon, 6-8 feet with 20+ canes

Other sizes available for purchase at the nursery. Please call for more information.

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