New Shoots Bamboo: Bamboo plants, Bamboo Nursery Specializing in Tropical Clumping Bamboo

New Shoots Bamboo Nursery Florida

Bamboo plants are growing in popularity for good reason. Fast growing and easy to care for, bamboo plants are pretty, practical and thrive in warm climates. Whether you’re looking to add a tropical touch to existing landscaping or use bamboo plants to create a privacy fence between neighboring properties, New Shoots Bamboo Nursery can meet all of your needs.

The New Shoots Bamboo Nursery team is passionate about the unique qualities that bamboo plants possess. Located in Stuart, Florida, our 30-acre nursery showcases spectacular field grown plants, container grown tropical clumping bamboo (ranging in size from 3-45 gallon and field grown) and a tropical paradise landscape feature area.

Tips from the Professionals at New Shoots Bamboo Nursery

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  • Water your bamboo plant when the top inch of soil is dry, but avoid over soaking.
  • Pull weeds that grow near your bamboo plants by hand. Bamboo roots may grow close to the surface and may be damaged by gardening tools.
  • Avoid some of chemicals found in faucet water; use filtered or rain water instead.
  • Use lawn fertilizer and mulch to preserve your bamboo plants, encourage growth and retain moisture.
  • Trim bamboo hedges a few times a year to the desired height. Always remove dead canes as they arise, as close to the ground as possible.