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"Bambusa Malingensis"


Seabreeze bamboo grows up to 35 feet tall with 2 inch culms and is cold hardy to 20 degrees. The Seabreeze bamboo is one of the toughest and fasted growing clumping bamboos available in the United States. Seabreeze is more salt tolerant than most other varieties of bamboo and is resilient in high winds which make it an ideal candidate for oceanfront property as well as large open space residential or commercial projects.  Seabreeze bamboo is excellent for screening out undesired views very quickly and with its 2" culm caliper. it works well trimmed to a hedge.



  • 3 Gallon, 4-5 feet with 1-3 canes  

  • 15 Gallon, 8-11 feet with 6+ canes 

  • 25 Gallon, 12-14 feet with 9+ canes

Other sizes available for purchase at the nursery. Please call for more information.

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