Clumping Bamboo Garden: Potted Bamboo Plants

For many years it was thought that bamboo was a primitive species of grass, but recent evidence shows that their DNA is one of the largest evolved forest herb species. There are approximately 1,500 types of bamboo that grow in a wide variety of tones , ranging from the more familiar green, to gold, burgundy, blue and even black. Some types of clumping bamboo can grow up to twelve inches per day and grow to nearly four meters high!.

The first step to learn how to care your clumping bamboo garden is choosing a variety of crop and discover all its secrets, even using potted bamboo plants. Although most of us think about a forest of bamboo rising like banners, the truth is that there are varieties of clumping bamboo that can grow well in temperate climates, as well as tropical forest. Unfortunately, bamboo has a bad reputation as an invasive plant but as mentioned above, some varieties of clumping bamboo are temperate, while others are tropical climates, then it is easy to find a suitable environment in which you can cultivate it. New shoots bamboo only sell clumping or non-invasive bamboo, so you get a bamboo for growing outdoors, indoors, as a bamboo garden, potted bamboo plants, with lots of light, or in a shaded environment.

There are two important factors to consider when working on bamboo cultivation: Water and air. All true bamboos are grassy, and will not grow in saturated land. They also need clean air to thrive. In fact, some experts raise potted bamboo plants of their small crops on toothpicks or pins (depending on the size of the pot), to provide more ventilation to the plant in a bamboo garden.

Bamboo is considered in many cultures as a symbol of long life, strength and versatility. Revealing their secrets is an inexhaustible source of enjoyment. When you learn how to care a clumping bamboo garden, you will discover that your love for your plants increases at the same time you bamboo grows.