Ornamental Bamboo

Ornamental Bamboo has many features and grows four times faster than traditional trees, bamboo allows harvests over a period of time between 5 and 6 years, whereas the average time of a traditional tree is 20 years. When it is collected, it regenerates itself without replanting. Despite  bamboo is a plant, it has similar features to those of wood. It has a hardness similar to an oak and even some species have a higher resistance. There are about 1,500 kinds of bamboo, which in turn allows to obtain products with different specifications and colors.

Every time we find more homes using ornamental bamboo. Bamboo is a plant that not only contributes to ecology preservation, it also contributes for its hardness, a perfect substitute for steel and precious wood for building furniture for homes and offices. Ornamental bamboo is a valuable resource that landscapers and designers can use to roof a structure or creating an access area.