Floor Bamboo


Bamboo Floor: New Shoots Bamboo


New Shoots Bamboo provides a high qualified bamboo for people who are interested in getting the wide variety that bamboo provides. Our Florida bamboo garden focuses specially on bamboo plants. We offer different kinds with the best care you can find worldwide, including bambusa, which are usually the giant ones; black bamboo or even dwarf bamboo, (Bambusa Chungii, Bambusa Vulgaris, Gigantochloa Atroviolacia). Bamboo plants have different uses like: Having it in parts of a house, which are suitable; to reinforce the concrete; places where you love sitting as your lawn, backyard, garden and many more options. You can also make bamboo floors, these are extermely durable, providing many designs, including laminate floors with bamboo and a variety of wood floors. As it's one of the fastest growing plant, you may like having some ideas for a bamboo garden. It gives a georgous texture in a landscape, we have the right elements and care in our bamboo nursery in Florida, basing on the best bamboo categories that you can get for your needs anytime.

New Shoots Bamboo Florida wants to offer all related Bamboo in Florida in order to achieve your needs.